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Shop fitting & renovations
The art of putting a space together

How do you define experience?

At B&K we believe in creativity and attention to detail with all our retail solutions. With our highly trained staff and state of the art machinery, our solutions are only of the best standards.


Our retail solutions are fabricated out of wood, metal, cardboard and plastics. With new LED technology, we can fabricate great display units to attract the eyes of your consumers. We manufacture all components in-house, from gondola ends to promotional counters.

#1 Retail Shop Fitting

We immmerse you in a fully 3d rendering of your requirement, ensuring you are 100% happy with our concept before we proceed.

#2 Retail Shop Renovations

Our expert fabricators use only the best materials, & the highest attention to detail to provide you with the best product.

#3 Office Renovations & Interior Decor

Our specialist designers can transform any space into a creative masterpiece designed around your individual needs.

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